Monday, September 11, 2006

We will remember

Antoinette Sherman

September 11 was just another day for Antoinette Sherman. She got up and went to her job as a budget analyst for the Army. Then her world literally exploded around her. Toni, as she was known by her family and friends would never again get to go fishing. She wouldn’t have another family reunion, cruise or trip to Florida. Her days in a bowling league were over, and she had seen her last Pokeno tournament. These were just a few of favorite things. According to her mother, Toni loved children and animals and was always doing things with other people’s kids. She had become a foster mother to a little boy and was planning on adopting him as her legal son. It was with him that she enjoyed spur of the moment fishing trips the most. Finish work, grab the poles and head to the water, just a simple pleasure that made life fuller. Toni had been a federal employee for 18 years. A former employee described her as one of the “kindest and most patient bosses” she had ever had. Among her co-workers, Toni was known for an encouraging spirit, a bright smile and a serious work ethic. Antoinette Sherman was a family woman, a daughter, a mother, an everyday woman who knew how to do her job, who gave of herself to people and animals. When an airplane piloted by hatred crashed into the Pentagon, Antoinette Sherman was burned over most of her body. She was one of the first people airlifted from the debris and she died several days later at the Washington Hospital Center. It is impossible to forget the vile acts of five years ago, but the people behind them are forgotten. They and their names are dust. Antoinette Sherman and our other brothers and sisters who died that day will not be forgotten. Their lives and their loss will be remembered.


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