Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Think cool thoughts

My town is so small that we have one time and temperature clock in town. It read 108 at three today. Last night at eleven, it was still 94 degrees. The husband got sick from the heat this morning and has spent the rest of the day getting water poured down his throat. This is a man who loves the heat and has developed a gorgeous bronzy tan. Me, I'm hiding in the air conditioner and remembering to be grateful. Spending the the weekend of the Fourth without the a/c is still fresh in my memory.

I think some homemade lemon ice cream is in order, as well as a fresh stick of deodorant and the jumbo sized container of baby powder, served separately of course.


Blogger Paul said...

I hear you. 96 here today, but T-storms are on the way.

July 18, 2006 9:35 PM  
Blogger Lisa :-] said...

The weather has been hot and bizarre here the last few days. Friday, we had 108 degrees. Saturday, we started out with rain, but it didn't get any cooler. VERY muggy for Oregon...feels more like the midwestern summer days of my youth.

Anyone who says global climate change is not for real is an idiot...

July 23, 2006 6:37 PM  

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