Thursday, August 13, 2009

Appreciating life as it is now

I no longer have to wake at sunrise to be out the door by seven to deliver the child to school and me to work on time. I hated starting my days rushed, harried, and trying to get everybody else moving while I was trying to look decent myself. I've always been a breakfast girl, and too many days I've gulped down a McMuffin without ever tasting it on the road to work. That's why I appreciate mornings like this.

I woke up in sheets that still smelled of the sun they dried in yesterday. I had time to write about four pages this morning, and now I'm enjoying the afterglow of an omelet with sharp cheddar, bacon, home grown tomato and roasted red pepper. Rich, smooth coffee made in my french coffee press is inches from my left hand. My house still smells of the furniture polish and floor cleaner I used last night. A happy lab has his head on one of my feet; he got the leftovers from the omelet.

The rest of my day is absolutely packed. I've got errands in three different small towns that will involve a couple of hours on the road. I'm invited to a ladies lunch, have a business meeting later and a personal to do list that doesn't look to be checked off until sometime after midnight. I'm not going to mind the rush because I had this time for me.


Blogger Nelle said...

I have started getting up an hour earlier each morning not to have to rush out of my house so harried. It has helped to a degree but I always get distracted thinking I have more time than I do. I remember the time I lived alone and I savored it. Although I am happy to share my life with someone I do miss having more time for just me.

August 16, 2009 3:26 PM  

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