Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tucked in


The womanchild returned to school today. She's still not feeling her normal self but is afraid of how far behind she'll be if she's out anymore. I don't blame her. I picked her up last Wednesday afternoon for a dentist appointment, and she hasn't been back yet. I did pick up some homework for her, but I know it wasn't complete.

I settled into the reliable comfy chair today with the remote, my books, my medicine (mmmmmm...cough syrup...good), a cup of tea by my side. I tossed my winter cape on top of my double layer of clothes, put on my mittens (my hands are frozen),wrapped an afghan around me, then added a quilt, one of the good, ones handcrafted by my grandmother that weigh a ton. That's when the kittens started purring. They like being tucked in too. That was the last thing I remember from four hours ago.

A little blog reading and fixing another cup of tea have worn me out. I'm heading back to my blankets.

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