Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Compensated Review

The other day I got an email telling me about a weight loss competition sponsored by K-Mart. I have to admit that I was surprised. Weight loss and K-mart don't naturally go together in my mind. I had to check out the link, http://www.kmart.com/yourway, and I was impressed. There is sound nutritional and exercising advice, good motivational advice, hints on dressing for different body shapes and for dressing while your body is changing.

I had to check out their tools section. Using the body mass index calculator, I found out that my body mass has dropped by twelve since I started Weight Watchers. Getting that reinforcement of how far I've come was a boost today. I also used their goal setter to look at a realistic weight loss goal by my birthday this year. The goal was based on a healthy weight loss of 1-2 pounds a week, which has echoed everything I've been taught since I started my diet.

There were, of course, advertisement for products that can help people with dieting -- exercise mats, hand weights, pedometers, Slim-Fast, etc. All the products I saw were brands that I recognized and know to be useful.

I really did like this site. It promotes healthy eating and healthy attitudes. Apparently, this contest has run before and before and after pictures of previous winners are posted. People have gotten real results. The competition is only open to certain markets within the U.S., but the website holds benefits for anyone trying to eat better, live healthier, look better and lose weight. The official link is for the website is www.kmart.com/befit and for the New Day Your Way Contest, it's www.kmart.com/getfit.

Since I started my diet, I have received multiple e-mails asking if I would be interested in promoting a product, service or web site. Until now, I haven't liked anything enough to want to advertise it, but this one I like. I have lost my weight and will continue to do so by following the Weight Watchers program. Other good products and tools are available though, and this web site from K-Mart and the New Day New Way Contest looks good.

This is a compensated review.



Blogger Anthony said...

Very interesting. I would never have guessed K-Mart would have something like that. We don't have any K-Mart's around here.

I added a link to you from my blog in BlogRoll...

Journey Through Divorce

January 17, 2007 9:43 AM  

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