Saturday, November 26, 2005

You have cat eyes. If you're irritated about
something, people would automatically know,
whether looking in your eyes or analyzing your
body language. You may have other subtle ways
of letting people know how you feel. You hate
to be bothered, and prefer not to deal with so
many people. That's what makes you a bit of a
solitude person. You can have fun when you want
though. That's what makes you interesting.

What Animal Eyes Do You Have?
brought to you by Quizilla

I found this at the new Patrick's Place. (Excuse the lack of a link. I'm still banging my head trying to learn this stuff.) I'd say this one fits.


Blogger Solitary Dancer said...

Hmmm, seems I have bat eyes. Here's the results.

Bat eyes for you. The term "blind as a bat" matches you well. You see the things that you wish to see. Everything else is darkness for you. You're in your own tunnel. If something happens, then it happens...whether it's bad or not. You don't like to interact with the outside world much. You just do things because you need to. You like to be alone. Cheer up a bit. You may be missing a lot that could be open to you.

November 27, 2005 5:20 AM  

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