Thursday, April 01, 2010

Poem A Day Challenge, Day 1

I may be nuts, but I'm going to try this again. Today's prompt was to write a lonely poem, and haiku is a good way to break myself in to this crazy discipline again.

The sound of a knife
scraping on a single plate,
wind ruffles the curtains.

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Blogger Theresa Williams said...

Fabulous! It's one of the best haiku I've seen in a while. I've been trying to post mine but somehow I just can't get it to post on his site. I'll try tomorrow; I put it on my blog, though. I'm so glad you're doing it again this year.

April 02, 2010 12:58 AM  
Blogger marigolds2 said...

But yes, this is a fabulous haiku. You may even inspire me. This is the very essence of lonely.

April 02, 2010 11:44 AM  
Blogger marigolds2 said...

Hey, I linked to this at Quid Nunc, but don't know how to make a link show up here on "links to this post" Do you know how to do this?

April 02, 2010 4:02 PM  

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