Thursday, April 22, 2010

PAD #15

the trashcan overflows
as the deadline approaches.
bad haiku is born.

The prompt for Day 15 was deadline. Losing my modem put me so far behind in this challenge, but it's something I've really wanted to do. Like last year, I don't think most of what I've written is any good, but there are a few that I do really like. I've felt tremendous, self-applied pressure to catch up. With the trash that came flowing out of my pen over the last couple of days and really thinking about what deadlines can do to poetry (Thanks, Theresa), I've decided to ease up. The challenge is to write a poem a day, and that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to continue to use the prompts provided by Poetic Asides, and if I go past April 30, so what. I don't have to keep up with the other writers who are participating. I'm doing this because I love poetry. It's good for me, and sometimes I'm actually pretty good at it, but I need make it a discipline. That's why I like this challenge.



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