Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A "perfect" day

Tired. Bone tired. Don't want to speak and risk your life if you ask me what's for dinner kind of tired. Barely verbal tired. Too tired to put a subject in my sentences. Walked up the front walkway and got grumpy. Blinds and curtains not back up yet. Husband in living room. Furniture not back in place. Not good. Grumpier.

Argh. Cramps. Tired, grumpy, hormonal, living room in chaos. Leave me alone.

Womanchild and her boyfriend laughing. Great. Have to be pleasant, damn it. Dogs dumped the bathroom wastebasket. Blood pressure up now as well as tired and grumpy and menstrual and must be pleasant. Night getting worse.

Hang on. Kitchen sink is empty. Primer on the office walls. The husband is picking up the garbage that the dogs drug out. The kids offer me already cooked ramen noodles for dinner. They're ramen noodles, but they're already cooked, and the dishes are clean. There's a cold diet coke in the fridge and two Midol left in the bottle in the medicine chest. The washer and dryer are running, and there is a hamper of folded laundry where there was just a pile.

Okay, this isn't so bad, after all, but I'm not going to let them know that...yet.

family, fatigue, grumpiness


Blogger Lisa :-] said...

"Barely verbal tired." That's where I was Sunday night. It scared the crap out of my husband...

December 06, 2006 1:09 AM  

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