Friday, December 30, 2005


Paula Lambert - Author tagged me in the latest meme. The original challenge is to list five weird habits and then tag five more people by leaving a message in their blog, who then spread it to five more until the whole internet is infected with weirdness meme-age.

Weird is a word that has often been applied to me. I personally can't figure out why. I'm as normal and ordinary as a soft drink float made with orange sherbet and Dr. Pepper. However, these are some things about me that people have thought were a little off the norm.

1. I hum constantly, just under the hearing level that makes it able for other people to determine just what it is I'm humming. All they hear is noise.

2. Sometimes I'll say out loud what I should have said in a conversation earlier in the day, blurting out the perfect line or the bit of information I forgot into a completely unrelated conversation.

3. Open cabinet doors and drawers drive me ballistic. I'll shut them with force and rant until I'm "gently" reminded that I was the one who left them open.

4. I'm completely impractical about household necessities. We may run out of lightbulbs, but I'll always have a drawerful of multi-colored candles that is being constantly replenished. We may run out of toilet paper, but we'll always have a box of moistened wipes. When we run out of paper towels, just check the armrest in my car for fast food napkins.

5. I'm completely anal-retentive about my skin care and makeup supplies. The skin care is sorted into daytime and evening supplies and stored in the order in which they're used. My makeup is grouped by type and sorted by color, going from lightest to darkest. My brushes are stored in roll-up wraps, sorted from left to right in order of usage, everyday brushes in one, special effect brushes in another. I don't wear makeup everyday, but you'd never know it to see my makeup drawer. The rest of my house may be cluttered to the point of madness, but my makeup drawer
will be in perfect order.

Now, who to tag? Let's go for Nelle of Copious Chatter Blogspot, Monica of Journey of Life, Connie of Connie's Thought Salad, Becky of Where Life Takes You...Blogspot and Amy of River Rat Central.


Blogger ckays1967 said...

number 5 is just plain funny!!!!


January 02, 2006 8:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

augh, I just noticed in my comments today that you had tagged me! Now I have to put on a thinking cap? I think I'm under doctors orders not to cook, sign legal contracts ... doesn't this fall under any of that? ::sigh:: I'll get to work. BTW - #5 I so relate to!


January 02, 2006 11:17 AM  

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