Friday, November 18, 2005

I wanna be mean
and drink green whiskey,
wear slutty red nails
and high shiny heels.
Gonna bleache my hair blonde,
don the push-em-up bra,
get a tattoo
and smoke a cigar.
I'm leaving lip gloss on your collar
and a bite mark on your neck.
Gonna whisper something nasty
with hot breath in your ear,
then walk out laughing at you.

Copyright 2005.


Blogger Fansi said...

uve got such same feeling like i have. ive always wanted 2 be as ugly as uve written, but the society around me avoids me 2 be what i want to be.. yet my heart tells me not to fulfill my needs like 'that'. at last.. great poem!!! keep it up! i'm sorry if my english makes u laugh; i'm not using english in my everyday life. take care.

November 18, 2005 2:35 AM  

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