Friday, November 18, 2005

A fluid life

Water child,
ocean dreamer,
rain dancer,
Washed in The Blood,
purged by blood,
transformed again and yet again.
Scrubbing stained panties
with cold salt water,
all woman,
dripping with apple juice
courtesy of Eve.
Ink stained fingers,
analysis and mental flight,
powdered dry.
Milk running from
breast to belly,
I am the fertile valley.
Ammonia, bleach, detergents,
a wench consuming gall,
living for moments of honey.
Crimson filled vials and IV bags,
time is stuck in tar.
Rain dancer
in a sere season,
staining my fingers with lifeblood ink.
Ocean dreamer,
succulent yet again.
All is one.

Copyright 2005.


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