Monday, September 10, 2007

Day is done

This has been a day of running around. Job hunting, grocery shopping, calling the insurance for another round of diet pre-approval, a counselor's appointment with the womanchild, and a second followup with the oral surgeon have all combined to drain me of the few energy reserves a sleepless night left me. I'm finally settling down to some me time between a wonderful dinner of blue cheese fettucine alfredo with artichoke hearts and mushrooms and getting the Mom page that I know is coming to help with the French essay on our family tree. I'm feeling grateful that I didn't also study Spanish. That's one area of homework where I definitely can't help.

I'm tired, but it has been a good day. I've had several lately. What makes these even more delightful is that with more automotive trouble, the daughter's wisdom teeth coming out and her getting an infection that quadrupled the size of her face, the mother in law recuperating from an appendectomy, and the aunt-in-law who's like a second mother-in-law getting not so great news from the cardiac doc, these should not have been good days. But they were!

The womanchild's antidepressant medication had basically stopped being effective a couple of months ago, and a week ago, it was changed. The results were almost immediate. In a few days, she was rediscovering her balance and feeling better able to handle the normal drama of a teenage girl's life. A happier daughter with less drama definitely makes for a happy mom. Best of all, she recognized the problem and initiated getting the change. Knowing her body and how it intersects with her mind is so important. So is taking the responsibility for her own health, instead of having it thrust upon her. Regaining this connection is one more step of healing from her eating disorders.

Both mother and aunt in-laws have been handling their respective illnesses with much more equanimity than usual. I've been proud of them both. As for the car, well, I can handle it. Life doesn't have to be easy for it to be good. Knowing that feels beyond good.


Blogger more cows than people said...


still reading. not much to say. but here.

September 10, 2007 8:38 PM  
Blogger Lisa :-] said...

Life doesn't have to be be good. I like that. I think I'll embroider it on a pillow or something...;)

September 11, 2007 11:58 PM  

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